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Treatment Options For Vaginismus

Some women suffer from conditions that prevent enjoyable sexual intercourse. A combination of anxiety and physical tension can create problems in the vaginal muscles and other surrounding areas in the genital region. For example, vaginismus is a type of disorder in which the vagina begins to tense up in anticipation of penetration. Sexual intercourse is not the only event that can trigger the symptoms of vaginismus.

For example, women suffering from this condition may have a difficult time with inserting tampons and douches for sanitary purposes. Essentially, the muscles around the vagina reject any foreign objects from entering. Vaginismus is a condition that's involuntarily controlled by a woman's muscles. However, a combination of mental therapy and physical treatment can improve and even eliminate the symptoms associated with this dreadful condition.

Vaginismus can have a major impact on the love life of a woman. There may be fear of getting rejected by a partner due to the extreme difficulties of having intercourse. Women suffering from this condition can finally receive an effective treatment once and for all. One popular treatment option is to inject synthetic solutions into the labia minora, labia majora and some of the surrounding vaginal tissue. The extra volume in the vagina can control the spasms that are associated with vaginismus. Visiting a site like is an example of searching for vaginismus solutions. Inpatient procedures for this condition take less than an hour. Injections into the vagina are done under light general anesthesia that lasts for hours.

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