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5 Cool Accessories for the Punk Apartment

Anyone can dress like a punk, but it takes a true commitment to the lifestyle to bring it home with you. If you're serious about raging against the machine and courting anarchy wherever you go, here are five accessories that will look great in a punk apartment.

1: Turntable

Everyone knows that the best music is from previous generations, so go ahead and embrace it fully with a turntable and vinyl collection. You just can't replicate their true sounds from the tinny speakers of an iPhone.

2: Political Paraphernalia

You're a young punk. You have opinions. Don't be afraid to declare them from the rooftops or within your own home. Whether you're a Democrat, Republican or conscientious objector to all forms of social mind control, it's important that you own it.

3: Pipes

Even if you aren't a fan of hookah, you want your place to be a safe haven for those who are. If they can't be themselves around you, what's the point of being anarchists at all?

4: Band Posters

The Ramones made punk what it is today. Guns N' Roses brought metal to the forefront of the American consciousness. Queen, of course, never goes out of style. Pay tribute to all the greats by lining your walls with band posters and antique promotional flyers.

5: Books

Self-education is one of the most important tools of the young punk. There's so much to discover in things like biographies, military histories and subversive fiction, so hit up the library and get to reading.

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