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Getting It on the Go: 6 Best Cities for Food Trucks

If you’re looking for something to eat that’s a little different from your go-to fast food, you should try the fare at a food truck. They offer everything from gourmet food to traditional hotdogs and hamburgers. Of course, some of the best places to live have better food truck options than others. So, take a look at these six cities with the best food trucks so you know what to look for when you’re traveling.
Los Angeles, CA
There are more than 200 gourmet food trucks on the streets of Los Angeles. Some of the most famous include LudoTruck that offers Los Angelenos and welcomed visitors honey lavender biscuits; Sky’s Gourmet Tacos makes satisfying Mexican soul food; Kogi BBQ cooks up spicy Korean tacos; Frysmith is known for their featured French fries; and Lobsta Truck sells, of course, fresh Lobster.

Seattle, WA
Rain or shine, you’ll find a wide assortment of food trucks in Seattle. One of the bests is Where Ya At Matt. It offers southern comfort food and you get to help choose its location each day. Other popular food trucks include Off the Rez with its fry bread tacos; Skillet cooks up modern American cuisine; Maximus/Minimus sells all-American classics; and Marination sells delectable Hawaiian-Korean fare.
New York City, NY
New York is a busy city, but you don’t have to look far to find a bite to eat. Food trucks litter the streets from the Upper West Side to Times Square. And, there’s a diverse range of offerings to suit anybody’s tastes. If you’re in NYC, be on the lookout for Bian Diang with its Taiwanese fried chicken; The Cinnamon Snail and its grilled spelt bread; Kelvin Natural Slush Co. that offers drinks and slushies; and Kimichi Taco Truck that sells vegan-friendly tofu tacos.
Boston, MA
Hungry college students are a prime target of food trucks, which is why there are so many in Boston. You’ll find the Taco Truck with its Mexican fare, Grilled Cheese Nation that sells a varity of gourmet sandwiches; and the Bon Me Truck with its Vietnamese offerings.
Austin, TX
Austin's food trucks have a lot of unusual themes. For instance,  try Biscuits + Groovy -- a fun breakfast menu that pays homage to 70s-era music icons; this truck offers menu items called the M.C. Hammer and the Aretha Franklin. Other famous food trucks include Coolhaus an icecream food truck that sells delicious custom ice cream sandwiches; Mmmpanadas with its pocket-size empanadas; Micklethwait, which offers tender beef brisket sandwiches; and Hey! You Gonna Eat or What? with its southwestern sandwiches.
Washington, DC
It’s easy to find a food truck if you’re in the downtown area of DC. Be on the lookout for Hula Girl. This food truck offers teriyaki chicken; Tasty Kabob has lamb and veggie kabobs, Pho Junkies offers  famous soups; Fojol Bros. of Merlindia doles out Indian food; and Goodies Frozen Custard and Treats cools down DC residents and tourists with old-fashioned custard.
Whether you’re traveling or driving around your home city, be on the lookout for fun food trucks. You’ll find some unique flavors to tantalize your palate. What is your favorite food truck and where can we find it? Leave a comment below.

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