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Tips for Overcoming Thinning Hair

While it is normal for women to lose 30 to 40 hairs per day, some women may begin to panic when they notice that their once-thick hair has begun to thin. This can be due to a number of factors from recent childbirth to genetic predisposition. One good indicator for probable hair loss is family history. Looking at one's mother and maternal grandmother can give women a clue as to if and when they will begin to deal with thinning hair.

For those who are, in fact, dealing with thinning hair, many are finding Christine Brinkley Hair Extensions to be a great way to boost volume and length. Made to blend well with one's natural hair, these easy-to-use, one-piece extension pieces can bring confidence back to those who may have been struggling with worries about thinning hair. Here are some ways these extensions can be worn.

Bangs are very trendy, sometimes. Other times, however, the trend tends to go more with bangs that are long and blend in completely with the rest of one's hair. Keeping up with these current trends can make women wonder how to keep up with the yo-yo trends, but for those who struggle with thinning hair, sometimes cutting and growing out bangs is simply not an option. Many find that purchasing clip-on bangs extension is a great way to solve the problem. Women who use this method feel comfortable leaving their bangs grown out, yet are able to clip shorter, stylish bangs into their existing hair when they desire that look. Even the most current trend in bangs – the side fringe – is available to clip into existing hairstyles.

A ponytail has always been an easy way to fix one's hair in order to keep it out of the way and still have it look stylish. Some women struggling with thinning hair find, however, that it is almost impossible to create a cute ponytail. Instead they end up with a thin flat style that seems to yell "thinning hair over here" to everyone around. A full ponytail extension can add both length and volume and help to create an easy look to be proud of. A Christie Brinkley hair ponytail comes with the ability to wrap and create a fashionable knot which also helps to secure it to one's own natural hair.

Many with thinning hair stay far away from hair extensions. Even though many celebrities now have these pieces clipped or glued into their actual hair or onto their scalp, the risks to one's own hair can be great. Studies show that traditional hair extensions can damage hair that is already thinning or weak. The heavy pulling force caused by permanent extensions can even cause natural hair to all out. A better idea for those desiring the beauty of longer, thicker hair without the damage is to purchase high-quality, one-piece extensions that are designed to be put into the hair and taken out of the hair with ease. Some say that these types of extensions are so easy to use that they can do an exercise class, clip the extension in their hair as they are getting back into street clothing and leave the gym with full, beautiful hair

If you are one of the many women who are struggling with thinning hair due to hormones, age or genetic tendencies, be sure to look into healthy hair extensions. You will be able to gain healthier, fuller-looking hair without having to sacrifice the vitality of your natural hair.

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