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Save Money and Travel the World by Nannying

For those who are suited to the job, being a nanny can offer you boundless opportunities to earn money, travel internationally at no cost, and gain worldly experience and references to your heart's desire. It is one of the most fortunate and lucrative possibilities out there for individuals of all ages who have the temperament to take care of the children of another's family. While it is no surprise that live in nannies in central London are prone to earning the most money per week, around £350-£400, child minders throughout the UK typically enjoy fairly high salaries across the board. 

Nannies who pay for their own living arrangements, however, earn even more since their accommodations and food stuffs are not included in their salary. A quick search online at one of the many nanny finding services will grant you access to a huge database of families throughout the UK that are seeking nannies like you, and may even be able to match you up with a family that fits your interests and needs perfectly. Whether you wish to travel with the family or stay put in one place, and whether you would rather work a few afternoons a week or always be on duty for the child or children, you will be able to find a situation that suits you.

Sharing the Costs of Food and Accommodations

Many live in nannies not only enjoy the steady weekly salary that the family has agreed upon, but are rewarded with the additional benefits of having all or part of their rent and food bill taken care of. Help is available from quick loans and could benefit you if those costs are not covered by your employer. When you choose to live with your family of employment, you are saving yourself a bundle on your normal expenses and giving your finances an opportunity to build up into a real pool of savings to be later spent on education, further travel, or living expenses. 

Depending on your circumstances, you may even be able to have your mobile phone bill, motor vehicle insurance, or other expenses paid for by your employer, particularly if you end up using your phone or automobile for work related purposes. Keeping a nanny job for just a few years is a savvy way to create a mass of savings for a graduate degree or pricey move to a foreign location, as well as building up good references that you can then use to work your way into careers with social services, children, education, hospitality and travel. 

Traveling With Your Employers

There is a certain aspect of acting as a full time nanny that straddles the fence between a purely professional employment opportunity and your very personal life. Because in many cases you will be living with the family who has hired you and sleeping in their shared residence, eating and/or cooking their meals with them, and even traveling with them, a nanny job can be far more demanding, taxing and involved than a job with regular working hours. But the perks of the job include being able to travel with your employers on any family holidays, jaunts to the continent, and weekend getaways. 

Nanny jobs are an excellent method of traveling at no cost to you, particularly if the family who has hired you is very well off and travels often for business or personal reasons. Before you agree to the nanny job, you will want to ask the family in question what their travel schedule is like and what their expectations of and obligations for you as a traveling nanny would be. You will likely be asked to accompany the family on their travels as you will fulfill the role of child minder whilst the family is on holiday. But in between shifts, you will hopefully get to see enough of your surroundings to experience a bit of a getaway yourself.  

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