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What's Your Favorite Bra's Cut, Color, Style? Who Cares about Size!

Plenty of petite women are unconcerned with the whole size issue and simply want to know where they can purchase a good bra for a small breasted woman.  The answer to that question depends on how one wants to feel in a bra and how one wants their bra to look.  When you shop at a specialty vendor that always has a wide array of small-size bras on hand, you'll discover the myriad of styles, colors, and fabrics that are available.  Choosing a bra is about personal style; it's about choosing a bra that looks as great as it feels.

Cut Considerations

When you shop at a regular department store for a bra, you're apt to find only a couple styles in the petite bra size you need.  The cuts might be athletic or overtly glamorous when you're simply after something feminine and comfortable.  The cut and shape of your petite bra can enhance your figure in subtle ways (Source: LuLa Lu size 32a petite bra).  Consequently, the more bras to choose from means the more likely you are to find a bra that will give you the look you crave.


Having more choices also allows women to choose the right bra in the right color!  Why settle for eggshell white when there is purple and fuchsia?   Moreover, there may be patterns that add a great dimension to the bra.  Choosing bra colors in nude or black also helps round out your bra wardrobe so you always have the color you need to suit your outerwear.  In addition, when you shop for petite bras at a specialty store you can typically find panties to match.


Small breasted women have so many options available to them from stores that specialize in the petite shape.  From racerback styles to push-up looks, there are bras available in many styles that complement the petite woman.  From no-nonsense to frilly, there are bras for every occasion and every bra personality!  The key is to understand what feels good to you.  A great fit ensures that your bra will look great too.  If you're a small-breasted woman, you'll discover that choosing the right bra isn't difficult when you shop at a store designed for the small busted woman!

Claire Pearl is an expert in designing petite lingerie. She has collaborated with a number of petite lingerie companies including LuLa Lu to design special size bras like 36a. For more information about petite bras and lingerie, visit this website:

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