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What You Need to Know About Diamond Wedding Rings

Getting married is a dream every woman wants to happen. The bridal gown, dresses, bouquets and wedding rings are some of the things that have to be chosen carefully. A wedding is a very emotional occasion for the bride and preparations should be meticulously done to bring this one big beautiful event into a reality.

Every couple has their own unique way of preparing for the weddings. Some will go through weeks and months of planning while others turn up weddings into surprise parties. Whatever duration, style or ceremony weddings would have, the central point of such celebration is the exchange of weddings rings as a symbol of undying commitment between the groom and bride, the husband and wife.

There are fabulous wedding bands sold among luxurious jewelry houses like Bulgari and Van Clef and Arpels and some fine artistic pieces are found online like in Whiteflash Inc. These rings come in various sizes and designs. But one fine stone that’s symbolic of wedding unions is diamond. Considered the hardest of natural origin, diamonds are excellent pieces that come in hundreds of brilliant designs. Selecting your own diamond wedding rings is not a simple feat that is why some couple would rather consult an expert in precious stones and jewelries to make sure that only the finest pieces are chosen.

Diamonds are graded based on cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Take a look at at these four Cs to better understand this stone and be guided in buying the best wedding bands.

1. Cut – this is the most important aspect to consider. The brilliance of a diamond depends mainly on this factor. An ornately cut stone gives a high level of brilliance compared to one that only has few cuts.

2. Clarity - diamonds have imbedded flaws which were created during the formation process. The number and size of these flaws determine the level of brilliance and the higher the brilliance, the more pricey they become.

3. Color – colorless white diamonds have high market value compared to the colored ones because they create more sparkle when hit by light.

4. Carat weight – this is the unit of measurement in weighing diamonds. Size is directly proportional to the price that is why bigger stones command higher value than the small ones.

There is a fifth C that is usually not included in these standard factors and this pertains to certificates. Make sure that the diamond wedding rings are authentic stones and the store where you intend to buy from are registered diamond retailers. There is are no authenticity issues with luxury jewelry brands but it is just rightful to ask for papers when you are about to purchase from them.

Always remember that buying wedding rings should be mutually agreed upon by both bride and groom. It is a form of investment that is why buying factors are to be considered. How much is your budget? How do you wish to go about on the design? Do you have a particular size preference for the bride and groom’s rings? These and more questions need to be asked before deciding what rings to buy. Take your time, research and consult experts. Who knows, the diamond rings you bought can be heirloom pieces for the next generation.

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