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5 Places to See an Awe-inspiring Sunset

Sunsets have captured the attention and imagination of artists, poets, photographers and postcard manufacturers for years. It’s that magical time of day caught between two worlds; we reflect on the day and prepare for night. Whether it’s the colours, the landscape or the failing light peeking through the clouds, no two sunsets are the same, making it all the more special to watch. If you want to know where to catch the most inspiring sunsets, we’ve gathered together a list of those who stand up to the

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Don’t let the name fool you, Lake Bled in Slovenia has some of the most astounding nature forms in the world. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations that Slovenia has on offer and it shows, but once you get past the tacky shamrock pub and look over the emerald lake, you’ll realise that it was all worth it. Perched on a little island in the middle of the lake, like something from an old-world fairy tale, is the gothic Church of Assumption. Its haunting quality provides an amazing backdrop to an unforgettable sunset.

Svalbard, Norway

The realm of polar bears and icebergs has long fascinated travellers. Svalbard is not only a place where you can see the Northern Lights, but also a desirable destination to view the Midnight Sun. From April 20th to August 22nd, the sun does not set. At all. The Earth has tilted on its axis towards the sun during summer, giving the people in the Arctic Circle sunshine and happiness all day long. So what exactly do you do when the sun is out at one in the morning? Anything you like! Norway Tourism recommends taking a hike through the Svalbard Mountains, where you may encounter polar bears. Or perhaps a glacier walk and dog sledging, the options are endless.

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

Cathedral Cove is like something out of a movie or a postcard. It is arguably one of the most picturesque spots on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula. Here, a gigantic arched cavern passes through a white rock headland to join two secluded coves, evoking a sense of endless grandeur. It provides the perfect home for a community of plants, crustaceans, molluscs and fish. While you’re waiting for the sunset, you can enjoy a late afternoon swim or kayak and picnic. 

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

There’s only one word to describe the sunset you will experience here at Maasai Mara – magnificent. It’s like watching the Lion King, except in real life. The best time to catch the sunset is from July to October, when the annual migration of the Zebra, Gazelle and Wildebeest voyage to Maasai Mara from the Serengeti. The bursts of red in the sky give watchers an enlightening experience.

Stonehenge, England

The true meaning behind why Stonehenge was created has been lost throughout time. Many believe it could have been a sun worshipping spot, a healing centre, a burial site and even a huge calendar. Either way, Stonehenge never fails to impress and makes a brilliant location to take in the sunset. If you’re planning a trip to any of these stunning locations, check out this site here.

Where are your favourite sunset places? And what places are on your bucket list to see the sunset?

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