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Galapagos Island: Your Paradise in South America

Galapagos Island, off the eastern coast of Ecuador in South America, is a long-standing tourist favorite. Well known for its national park and the biological marine reserve, the island chain comprises 21 islands and 107 separate rocks and inlets. Exploring the archipelago might require more hours and more money than most tourists have readily available, which is why many visitors opt for tour cruises.

Because the islands bridge the equator, loose, comfortable clothing is recommended, for many cruises provide opportunity for exploration of the noted sites. However, because the Galapagos is also a national park, some restrictions on dress code and behavior do exist. Be sure to thoroughly familiarize yourself with them before you enroll in a tour.

As you arrive at the airport, starting your tour, most tourist businesses, including cruise lines, have a representative available for questions, reservations confirmation and travel arrangements. Often, you will check in your luggage to the shuttle flight from the international airport and then to the cruise ship.

Once your journey to the ship has ended, your cruise fun begins. You will have a ship's schedule that coordinates activities and destinations. Take lots of pictures to preserve your memories and share them with friends, family and co-workers.

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