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Pearl Engagement Ring

Not every bride wants a diamond engagement ring. Many women want their engagements to be different. They would love a ring that is unique rather than standard. For that reason, pearl engagement rings by Shaneco are the perfect choice. Making a selection from one of the many styles of pearl engagement rings is bound to please any woman who wants her engagement to be noticed as something very special.

Pearls are a symbol of wealth, luxury, health and well being. They represent virtues like chastity and innocence. From its humble beginning as a grain of sand to its transformation into a beautiful gem, the pearl reminds one of humility. Often taking years to develop, pearls are the perfect gem to represent long-lasting love.

Shaneco buys high-quality cultured freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, akoya pearls and South Sea pearls directly from pearl farmers, picking only those with extraordinary luster and true color. Their white, lavender, pink, or black colors are natural rather than fake or dyed. Their pearls range from 4.5 mm to 11 mm in size. Whether perfectly matched in pairs or singular, their pearls glow with luminosity.

Engagement rings can include one or more pearls in a variety of settings. The settings can be ornate or plain, with or without filigree. The pearl can stand alone in beauty, but a few diamonds can add some sparkle. Settings fashioned from 14-karat yellow, white, or rose gold are very popular. Other choice settings are two-toned gold, sterling silver or black rhodium. Any engagement ring that includes a pearl is a winner.

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  1. When it comes to choose an engagement ring, pearl can be a nice stone to choose from. Choosing bridal jewelry is of the main decisions that a bride will have to make on her wedding. A bride should choose the accessory that suits her own personal taste. It is also a good idea to select jewelry that is beneficial and versatile beyond the wedding day. Pearl jewelry is a popular choice among brides that are looking for class and versatility. Today most of the people prefer to choose pearl as their engagement rings.


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