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Men’s Wigs

There are a lot more men wearing hair pieces or wigs than many may realize. A wig or hairpiece is not as noticeable now as it may have been when Burt Reynolds first donned his in the 1970s. Where his did not look natural the first few times he wore it, his later wigs are much more realistic and natural looking. He has even gone as far as to have them grayed to match any facial hair or aging.

Men’s wigs are used for a variety of reasons. The wearer may not wish to go through the trouble of trying to regrow hair by using chemicals. He may not wish to spend money on expensive transplants that do not always look natural. He may only be losing his hair temporarily, so expensive treatment or transplants are not necessary.

Not all hair loss is a result of genetics. Physical or emotional trauma can cause a man to start losing hair. Often these losses are temporary as the body recovers from whatever shock prompted the hair loss. Hair loss can be the result in a change of diet that is robbing the body of nutrients, like zinc or iron. Adding those back in to the diet will help the hair recover.

Of course, there are hereditary causes, like male pattern baldness, that do require a more permanent solution. Either way, the mens wigs at can help to ease any self-consciousness that may stem from having less hair on the head than usual.

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