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Heart Rate Monitor

Whether you are a serious athlete or a beginner, using a heart rate monitor is a must. With the help of a hear rate monitor, you can keep track of your heart rate during exercise. This eliminates the need to stop exercising in order to manually check your heart rate. When purchasing a heart rate monitor, there are many things that you will need to consider.

Before heading to your local athletic store, decide on the type of monitor you will need. For those that are serious athletes, a pro-model is the way to go. Next, determine what functions you would like the heart monitor to have. If you are a beginner, a monitor that keeps track of heart rate and calories burned will suffice. 
Keep your budget in mind. While a simple monitor can cost you as little as $30, a pro-model can be hundreds of dollars. The monitor that you purchase should be easy to use. Ask about battery life. The type of batteries the monitor uses should also be taken into consideration. Remember, some batteries can be fairly expensive.

Finally, consider the overall comfort of the monitor. Since monitors come in a wide variety of sizes, take a look at your exercise routine. Placement of the monitor is also another key factor when it comes to comfort. You can find heart rate training tips and tools at

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