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Fur: Always in Style

Fur is a luxury material that is always in style. It's a classic that can be updated to reflect the current trends. Though fur can be expensive, women with various budgets can add a bit of luxury to their wardrobes. Those with more to spend who want to make a statement may choose a full-length coat, while someone of more modest means can add a nice fur scarf or muff for a sophisticated touch.

There are also various types of fur that are popular in fashion from which you can choose. Mink is probably the most well-known. Other furs commonly used in apparel are fox, chinchilla, sable and lamb. Each offers their own texture and color, providing the wearer a unique and beautiful look.

Fur is a popular trend seen on the 2013 fashion runways. Big this year are fur vests, scarves and wraps. Fur trim such as collars and cuffs on outerwear is also a standout. A fur skirt by Alexander Wang made a runway statement at Fashion Week. Patchwork fur of many colors is one of Phillip Lim's signature looks for the season, and Ana Sui put out fur in dyed jewel tones like emerald green and royal purple. You will find a wide selection of fur coats for sale, along with other trendy pieces, at ML Furs.

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