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Family Vacation

Are you feeling stressed at work? Tired of your finals? Are you ready to get a break from the city and find a place to relax? Perhaps it's time for a family vacation. A vacation offers a chance to get away from your daily activities, your stress at work and any school-related anxiety. Even if you're on a budget, you can find a few days or even a week to get away to relax together as a family.

One of the best, most relaxing ways to escape from the daily grind is to escape to a woodsy retreat. You can find Beavers Bend Cabins at Staying in a cabin will give you a chance to get off the grid and focus on learning about one another, spending time in nature and even just having a break from the constant ringing of a cell phone.
When you go on a vacation and stay in the woods, you can teach your children about outdoor safety in a new, fresh environment. You can discuss poison ivy, how to start a fire, how to find your way home if you get lost and even how to perform basic first aid. You'll also be able to explore how to find food in the woods, how to stay warm during the cold months and the importance of proper hydration during the summertime.

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