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Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings

When it’s time to pick out an engagement ring, you want to choose something impressive that is sure to delight her. You know the importance of color, clarity and carat, but have you given much thought to the cut? The fact is that diamonds can be cut into several beautiful shapes, and they are all sure to thrill her.

Brilliant cut stones are also known as rounds. They are a perfect circle, and the light reflects off them brilliantly. Commonly used in the center setting as a dominant piece, they can also be set into channels along the band. Pears feature a tear drop shape, and marquise stones are pointed at both ends. Oval cuts and heart cuts are shaped to match their names. The emerald cut stone features a rectangular shape, and princess cuts are square in shape. Trillion cut stones have a triangular shape and are typically featured on the sides of the central stone.

The cushion cut is actually an antique cut that fell out of favor for a while. Featuring more facets, they are available in a range of shapes including squares and long rectangles. It is not as fiery as other cuts, but it has a soft, romantic look that is appealing. A rather unique cut, it’s also certain to stand out from the others.

Cushion cut halo engagement rings at feature a halo of smaller diamonds around the central stone. This makes the diamond look larger and adds interest to the overall design. A beautiful ring with plenty of sparkle, it’s a traditional look that she is sure to love for decades to come.

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  1. Before buying an engagement,check the cutting quality rating for the diamond ring.Don't forget to get insurance for the ring.


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