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The Art of Shopping for the Right Biker Gear

Road bikes can be described as great inventions by man, but for you to have memorable experiences; you must have the right biker gear. In addition to having a comfortable ride, you will be able to ride longer and perform better. This article offers tips for buying biking jerseys, jackets, socks and sunglasses because many people do not know how to choose them.

Let us start with a very fashionable biker gear - the biking jersey. Jersey is best when made from a form-fitting material like Lycra spandex because it reduces drag as you ride. Note that there are bike jerseys that feel and look like regular tops. The features that are biker-specific include a stand-up collar so that it offers a shade to the neck in summer, back pockets that you can access while on-the-go, sleeves whose shape allow for forward lean, and longer cut in its back to offer coverage as you ride. For night riding, the jersey should have highlights or reflective trims so that you are seen with ease. If riding during winter, choose a jersey with long sleeves for more coverage and warmth. The fabric weaves that are heavier and denser plus a brushed lining will offer added insulation.

When purchasing a biking jacket as part of your biker gear, you must choose the one that will keep you warm and dry at the same time. However, how warm should it be? Basically, it is the extremity of the weather condition that should determine how much warmth you need. This does not mean that since it is winter, you need to overdress because as you ride, you will warm up due to exertion. Jackets that are meant to offer maximum warmth offer protection against the wind in addition to offering insulation, more so in the arm and front of the garment.

As people purchase biker gear, some do not know the need for the right biking socks. These socks are essential considering that when you pedal hard, your feet may produce about one cup of perspiration. If you are riding in winter and wearing the wrong socks, you can easily develop cold feet while in summer, the feet will have blisters. Unless you are on light workouts, avoid wearing cotton socks. Merino wool or synthetic socks are the best because they will wick away the perspiration in summer while in winter, they will offer insulation.

There are some bikers who fail to wear sunglasses as they ride while some wear the wrong ones. Sunglasses help protect the eyes against sun glair, wind, sand, bug or grit when kicked up by cars or other riders. The right sunglasses for biking are those with plastic lenses because in case of an impact, they will not shutter. In some shops, you will find styles with lenses that are interchangeable and they also feature different colorations with the aim of helping you match the light condition.

Buying the right biker gear may seem like it’s an annoying process but considering the many befits that you will enjoy, it is worth it. Again, with this information, now you know the choice that is most ideal. Remember to purchase that which is durable so that will not have to go back to the shop after a few months.
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