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Shopping for Special Fit Women's Shoes

Some women just have unusually sized feet that would do better in specialized shoes or better yet customized shoes. Irregularly shaped feet and womens narrow shoes would benefit from shoes that are custom to fit. It is tragic that so many people go through life wearing ill fitting shoes that can cause sore feet, back problems and general discomfort when the solution to their problems are so simple. Just go to a specialty store and get tailor made shoes. Such footwear is slightly more pricey than mass market shoes but then you only need one pair for everyday use and if you are comfortable in them they would be well worth it.

Custom Made Shoes

It used to be that all shoes were custom made and people would own a few select shoes that they used regularly. Mass production of shoes has made footwear a lot cheaper and some people develop buying habit collecting shoes compulsively. Unfortunately, more shoes does not mean better shoes and it now seems that the habitual collector finds herself with twenty shoes of which she would only use one or two pair regularly because everything else hurts her feet. Quality shoes does make a good case, as having an entire collection of ill fitting pairs are only good for looking at but never get any wear on the heels.

Shoes for Weddings

Formal events always have their unique problems when it comes to shoes. Many people keep a pair of formal shoes to use just for such events. But finding shoes that look good and are comfortable is always a conflicting ideals. There is simple no high heels that are actually comfortable no matter what the marketing says or how much you pay for a pair. But some heels are better made than others and you can find these precious few by knowing what to look for.

Qualities of Comfortable Heels

Choose heels with straps that wrap around the back of the ankle because they offer more support. Stay away from stilettos and instead try a cone shaped heel or a shorter kitten heel that will manage to look dainty without adding too much stress to the calve. Slender heels need to be balanced perfectly and supported at the base keep you from falling over. Some high heels are not balanced and can be challenging to walk with on any surface. Stay away from long pointed toe shoes, they constrict the toe box and cause corns on the joins of the toes. Instead, try an open toe shoe or sandals. A round toe shoe or a pointed toe that is not too extreme will also work.

Women's Everyday Pump

For irregular feet, the only sure way to get great everyday shoes for the office would be to have one custom made, depending on how difficult it is for you to find stylish pumps that look good on your feet and feel comfortable enough to wear everyday. You might also want to try wearing thicker socks or pasting pads into your regular shoes if they do not fit well.

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