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Riding Safe with Style with Fashionable Biker Gear

Motorcycles are a fun way to get around, but it does also expose you to a bit more risk. Making sure you ride safely should be a top concern, but there's no reason why you can't do it with style!

There are all kinds of biker gear options out there, and every one comes with its own variety of style and taste. Brad Pitt, a long-time motorcycle enthusiast, recently made national news when he just walked into a shop in Ruislip to buy a helmet, a black protector and gloves. Brad has turned his bike over more than once, and he knows exactly how important safety gear is for motorcyclists. Here are some basic gear options;


A helmet is easily the most obvious and necessary safety accessory and biker gear for any motorcyclist. There is a helmet out there for every taste and style. From flat black to neon rainbow; full face cover to the minimalist half-helmet. The somewhat recent addition of carbon fiber as a construction material has made helmets stronger and lighter than ever.


Anyone that has done any extensive riding knows that exposed skin can be ravaged by the elements at highway speed. Keeping your hands covered also helps in the event of rain, as it completes your overall waterproofing. Riding comfort is increased far too much by gloves to not have them.

Goggles and Sunglasses

Eyewear is critical, especially when wearing open-faced or more minimal helmets. Every style imaginable -from mild to wild and everything in between -is available to ensure that you get eyewear that suits your individual taste. Most protect against UV radiation, but you should still probably check to make sure.

Jackets, Vests and Jeans

Here's where options for safety and style really take off. Whether you like the classic black leather or the more modern Kevlar, you need tough material to make sure you're protected. A vest will provide core protection on warmer days, while a jacket protects while keeping you warm when the temperature drops. Similar options are available for jeans. Kevlar-lined pants with removable armor are an excellent way to go to protect your lower body. Full-body armored one-piece suits are also available.

Ride When it's Too Cold!

Long gone are the days when it was necessary to pile on endless layers of clothing to go riding when it's cold. Electrically heated jackets, vests and gloves keep you warm while your fellow bikers are fighting the cold the old-fashioned way and chattering their teeth! Typically, these items come with attachments that plug directly into your bike's battery for operation while you ride.

Biker Style, Biker Safety

Motorcycling attracts uniquely individualistic people. That's probably why there are so many style and taste options. Brad Pitt may be a huge celebrity, and he may exist in that world of the rich and famous that sometimes keeps celebrities from reality, but he knows the value of motorcycle safety and also the value of style. While the paparazzi may not swarm to take pictures and write stories about your biker gear, you can still make a statement and be an individual. That's a lot of the reason you ride in the first place anyway, right?
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