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Make Her Feel Beautiful

A Moissanite ring makes a beautiful gift for any girlfriend, fiancé, bride or wife. Most women enjoy receiving jewelry because it's not only something they can use, but it reminds them how loved they really are. Before you purchase a ring, get your partner's ring size. Remember that not all fingers are created equally. While your wife may wear a size 7 on her wedding ring finger, her opposite hand's finger might be a 6. Measure her finger yourself using a sizer or visit a local jewelry store to get professionally sized.

Shop for the perfect ring for special occasions. Find something you know she'll just love. Regardless of her personality and fashion style, women will enjoy a ring that makes them feel beautiful. If your partner enjoys working with her hands, choose a simple ring that won't get in the way of her artwork or projects. If she works in an office, a larger stone on her ring will be fine and won't cause distractions or blunders. Make sure that you purchase the exact ring you want and ask the salesperson about care instructions for the ring. For example, can you use your at-home jewelry cleaner or should the ring be professionally cleaned if it needs caring? Most of all, present the ring to your loved one and remind her just how special she really is to you.

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