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Dressing for Comfort

Dressing for comfort doesn't always mean having a dedicated wardrobe for every possible set of conditions you could get caught in. Many individuals categorize their clothing seasonally, with winter clothes, summer clothes, and clothes for spring and fall overlapping. This isn't the only way to do it! The key isn't in dressing to play to the weather, but dressing to account for your own feelings. This might sound obvious, but the truth is that many dress for what's going on outdoors without considering what will actually make them most comfortable.

For instance, in winter, there's no need to write off your summer clothes. Shorts would be uncomfortable, but something like the sundresses for women at could still be bright and cheerful if augmented with layering. A camisole and tights underneath, for instance, and a cardigan over the shoulders can go a long way to keeping you more than warm enough without resorting automatically to wool sweaters, jeans and other standard winter fare. Similarly, there's nothing that says scarves are only for cold days! A cotton scarf will insulate more than it necessarily warms, which means on a hot, sunny day, a colorful scarf can add a splash of color to your clothing and protect your neck from the sun at the same time.

Dressing for comfort isn't about wearing the "right" things according to how they're categorized on the shelves. The bottom line is what leaves you feeling comfortable and confident!

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  1. Agree! Especially for woman... Just like me, I don't wear dresses just because it's the trend for the moment. Hence I wear dress that would make me feel good, comfortable and confident! It's hard to wear something that doesn't make you happy... Also, it is true that what you wear defines your mood. Bottom line is that, wear something that makes you feel good because what you wear defines your personality.


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