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5 Funny Souvenirs You Can Send to Family or Friends from China

China has a lot of beautiful souvenirs available for purchase – immaculate silks, stunning hand painted depictions of the countryside and postcards that tell the story of your travels. But why send those to family and friends when you can tickle their funny bone instead? Here are five funny souvenirs you can send to family or friends from China.

Chairman Mao novelty gifts

This is a pretty broad category because there are a multitude of Chairman Mao themed gifts out there. In shops all over China there’s everything from dashboard bobble heads to snow globes so you won’t have any trouble at all finding funny Chairman Mao gifts.


This may sound boring rather than funny but trust us when we say that there are a lot of funny t-shirts in China, either because of unfortunate translation errors or simply because they include pictures of “ObaMao”. We’ve even seen a shirt that had “Made in China” printed across the front in Mandarin. There are other funny slogans and images on shirts in souvenir shops around China so you’ll have to head there yourself to see what you can find.

Chinese food

Send your friends and family the gift of weirdness with Chinese food they definitely won’t be able to find at their local supermarket. Durian flavoured lollies will be a shock to the system, while a bag of mixed dried fish will raise a few eyebrows. There’s further fun to be had with food and drinks that just miss the perfect Cantonese/Mandarin to English translation standard, so make sure you pick up a few different delicacies to send home.


There are some wild and hilarious gadgets available in China, from pens that administer and electric shock to beer glasses in the shapes of naked people. You can also get seven piece sets of novelty IQ testers and rubber chickens that scream unexpectedly. As a joke gift for the person in your life who hates mornings, why not track down an alarm clock that only stops ringing when you use the included gun to shoot at the bull’s eye on a target?


Your friends and family may not actually wear the, but who wouldn’t want traditional Chinese opera hat? Replicas of the Emperor’s hat are also available, as are copies of the traditional triangle Chinese hat. China is also a kind of haven for animal hats, where you can find beanies and other kinds of headwear in the shape of every animal you can think of, not just the expected panda. You can also get rather unsettling balaclavas with octopus tentacles in the front and fedoras in more colours than anyone should ever own.

To send these souvenirs, you need to have funds at your disposal in order to buy them. Visit to make sure you have your money sorted before you leave Australia for your amazing journey to China.

Maree is a student fresh out of university and has decided to travel the world. She has been travelling for the past 8 months and in her spare time writes all the tips and tricks she can think of to share with other beginner travellers.

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