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My Top Five Dream Vacation Destinations

Travelling to foreign places really thrills me a lot. It is a very exciting experience as you will never know what you’re going to see, whom you are going to meet, what kind of attractions you are going to witness, so many uncertainties and questions that run wild in your head making you keel over with anticipation. So here are my top five dream destinations.

First on my list is RIO DE JANEIRO – BRAZIL

Rio is the Carnival Capital of the World and this city screams festivity. By simply mentioning the name I can almost hear the drums rolling, the frantic singing and dancing, street masquerading and the fabulous army of costumes, floats and props. The Samba Parade which is the highlight of the carnival enjoins all samba schools to take part in this lively street party. What else but pure merrymaking for two weeks every night until the wee hours of the morning.

I also love the beautiful beaches that line the coast of Rio. I think the water is so inviting that you can’t help but take a plunge. I am looking forward to take the helicopter tour where I can see the scenic view of the entire city against the backdrop of granite mountains with the big expanse of blue Atlantic Ocean nearby. This aerial tour will also take you up to the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain up to the Christ the Redeemer Statue at the Corcovado Mountain which is the city’s highest peak.

My next dream stop is the SERENGETI – TANZANIA

I have always dreamed of visiting Serengeti and experience the feeling of being in a vast safari where you can find herd of elephants and wildebeests, pride of lions roam the grasslands, giraffe and zebras color the brown patches of the arid land and exotic birds soar over the African skies. There is something mystical in the setting of the sun in the horizon and the sound of wildlife at night as if the place does not belong to mankind at all. 

I am looking forward to witness and capture in photos the great wildlife in this region that so many poets, writers, filmmakers and scientists were greatly inspired with. I am also dreaming of taking a guided ride among the bushes, the rocky mountains, the scenic landscape and the river that cuts through the region. If the visit is fortunate enough, one will witness the famous migration of the Serengeti where millions of wildebeests and thousands of zebras go south from the northern hills to the southern plains. This experience in definitely something I can call a communion with nature at its primest.

For my Asian destination, it’s HARAJUKU – JAPAN

This mind- blowing district in Tokyo has been known all over the world for the progressive and experimental teens who socialize in street of Takeshita every weekend wearing anything street style that’s out-of-the-ordinary. These young people get to don their most creative costumes and never get closer to the ordinary, the crazier the better, dressing up on pile- on clothing items of anything punk, lolita, decorative, cosplay and cyber fashion. It’s very fascinating to imagine being there and witnessing up- close this social activity that has inspired major fashion designers, artists and photographers.

Harajuku is also a shopping district where you can find almost all the luxury designer brands, a number of chic restaurants and upscale hotels. This dream place to be is definitely a visual treat for anyone who wants to savor what it feels like to be with the l’enfant terrible of east and west. Harajuku is really a must- see for those who want to visit Tokyo.

Next on my list is MARRAKESH – MOROCCO

Marrakesh, known also as the Red City, is considered a capital that thrived in splendor and wealth and the most noteworthy attraction in this city, reminiscent of its power, are the spectacular defensive walls that were built a century ago to protect the reigning empire from enemies. What is remarkable with these walls are the varying shades of pink and red interspersed with square towers and nine monumental gates. Guarded inside the fortified city are beautiful gardens where flowers all around the world are cultivated together with a variety of cacti, bamboo, palms and fruit trees. A number of palaces and mosques can also be found here which boasts Islamic art at its finest. 

But the most captivating part of the city is the market place which stays busy all throughout the year that I think all the colorful crafts, scarves and gold trinkets shall drown me. At night, the place transforms into more a vivid and interesting entertainment district where dancers, drummers, musicians and storytellers show off their stuff in the streets. This exotic and lovely city, throbbing with life day and night is a heaven in Arabia.

Lastly, one of my dream vacation spots is BORA- BORA –FRENCH POLYNESIA

Bora- Bora is the best beach destination I have been dreaming of to visit so far. The island, which is considered a major tourist getaway, is comprised of an enclosed lagoon and a barrier reef. Swimming in the turquoise waters, staying in the most exotic and opulent thatched- roof huts and watching the natural activities of the untouched wildlife underwater are the things I wanted to experience here. This is definitely a paradise.

Get to stay in the plush overwater bungalows with first- class treatments where you can enjoy the gourmet food made from local produce. Bora- Bora is top- of the notch when it comes to luxurious spa amenities. You may enjoy a variety of fresh-flower baths, herbal rain showers and other unique tropical beauty and relaxation regimen only exclusively offered in this place. You may also get to hop- in to the island tours where you can visit all the lovely spots in the lagoon and get to dive or snorkel above the grand coral formation. Certainly this place is a must- visit for all those who wish to experience the endless sunshine of the tropics.

If I will be lucky and get to have a million bucks, I will never hesitate to buy plane tickets and book myself in these places everyone are so dying to visit. So, what are your dream vacation destinations? 

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