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Attending An Indian Wedding - Here's How To Choose An Outfit That Makes You Blend In

Do you have an Indian Wedding to attend shortly? Do you have no clue as to what outfit you need to wear for the wedding? If so, don't worry.

If you're attending a Christian Wedding of someone from the Indian Community, any normal dress that you wear for your regular weddings and events will do. But if you're attending a Hindu Wedding or wedding of some other religion, it's important that you pay attention to the dress you're wearing.

A wedding is an important celebration in almost every community and culture all over the world. But when it comes to Indian Weddings, extravagance is inevitable. If you've watched a Bollywood movie, you're probably aware of what I'm talking about. By choosing the right outfit that makes you blend in, you can actually steal the spotlight from the bride and the groom.

Most guests at Indian Weddings are not used to Westerners wearing Saris, Lehengas or Sherwanis. By doing so, you'll gain their attention and admiration.

If you're stuck and have a hard time choosing an Indian Wedding outfit, pay close attention here. In this article, we're going to talk about different Indian wedding outfits and help you choose the one that makes you look sizzling.

Indians have different cultural customs amongst themselves. The customs you find in the Northern parts of India aren't the same as the ones you find in the South. The same can be said of for the East and the West.

For example, Saris are the most ideal outfit for women attending a South Indian wedding while Lehengas are ideal for a North Indian Wedding. Similarly for men, Sherwani is the best choice for a North Indian Wedding and a Dhoti for a South Indian Wedding.

So it is very important that you make the right choice when it comes to the outfit. Try wearing a dhoti at a North Indian wedding and you may actually end up making some of the orthodox relatives of the bride or groom mock at you (although most would appreciate the fact that you're wearing an Indian Outfit).

With that said, here are some of the different Indian Wedding Outfits that you can choose from...

1. Lehengas

A lehenga is a North Indian wedding dress and consists of a top and a skirt. The top is heavily embroidered and is called the blouse or the choli. There are also simpler patterns available on Lehengas as well. If you don't like flashy clothes, a lehenga is not what you want.

There are also many options that a Lehenga offers such as backless, sleeveless and low necklines. However, we strongly advise you to not expose yourself too much at an Indian Wedding as some of the orthodox folk may find it offensive.

Like the top, the bottom skirt of the lehenga is heavily embroidered. In some communities, it is known as the chaniya. The last part of the lehenga is the dupatta or the scarf. The dupatta is made of soft silk and can be used to make a style statement.

Recommended for:
  • All kinds of North Indian Weddings - Rajasthani, Gujarati, Bihari, Bengali, Orissa etc (Most North Indian Weddings)
  • Full-figured women with large chests, petite figures
Not recommended for:
  • South Indian Weddings - Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Keralite
  • Tall women with small chests, thin women

2. Sari

The sari is probably one of the most exquisite dresses in the world. It is considered traditional by most Indians. While it's true, the sari is one of the sexiest attires a woman can wear. It draws the attention of men to a woman's beautiful hips and her curves.

You may already have seen or worn a sari and have some kind of idea on what is it. It's just a long piece of cloth that's draped around you. It comes with a blouse that maybe heavily embroidered or completely plain (depending on the material or fabric you’ve picked).

But that's not the end of it... There are literally dozens of different sari styles from different Indian Communities. South Indian Brahmins were a variation of the sari called a 9 Yard Sari.

In most Indian Communities (The southern version), the sari flows down from the left to the right. But in some communities (North Indian), it flows down from the right to the left.

Regardless of the wedding you're attending, a Sari is the best choice because it never goes out of vogue and ALWAYS blends in. Even at a North Indian wedding, there will be many women within the bride or the groom's family who'd be wearing a sari because it's the most flexible attire.

Saris are either heavily embroidered or completely plain. There are also different kinds of materials used in Saris such as Crape, Satin, Chiffon, Georgette and Silk etc.

Recommended for:
  • All kinds of Indian Weddings especially South Indian - Kannada, Tamil, Kerala, Telugu, Marathi
  • Thin figures, petite figures, medium figures
  • Small or large chests
Not recommended for: 

- Certain North Indian weddings such as Punjabi, Pakistani i.e. Muslim or Kashmiri (because women from these communities rarely ever wear saris unlike other communities such as Guajarati, Rajasthan and Bengali)

3. Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is another beautiful Indian Outfit that is both worn by men and women. Most men no longer wear this outfit with some communities being the exception.

For women, this is probably one of the most beautiful outfits especially if you’re medium sized (neither too thin nor fat). It draws attention to your curves. Unlike a sari or a lehenga that leaves your hips exposed, the Salwar Kameez covers you completely.

It consists of a bottom called the Salwar which is a pajama-like trouser. The Salwar is wide at the top and becomes narrow at the ankles. The top is the Kameez which is a long shirt. The long shirt may or may not be embroidered. But an embroidered Kameez looks better than a plain Kameez (when compared to a sari).

The Salwar Kameez is worn by women of all Indian Communities these days although it was predominantly a North Indo-Afghan Dress Style. And like a sari, it can be worn in all kinds of weddings without any issue. Another version of the Salwar Kameez that we encourage you to try out is the Churidar.

Recommended for:
  • All kinds of Indian Weddings (both South and North) regardless of whether it's Tamil or Punjabi or Kashmiri
  • Medium figures and full figured women
Not recommended for:
- Women with small chests or very thin legs

Aesha loves traveling and all fashion related subjects, but she really enjoys blogging about Indian designers and Indian fashion the most.


  1. I would love to wear a Sari one day... I don't know but it gives me the feeling that anyone who wears a sari is a royalty. =)

  2. I have a Saree, my MIL gave it when they went on a tour sa India years ago, but it's kinda long, so I had it repaired para masout ko naman anytime... it's the orange one na akong gisuut tung nanaw-aw mig JL-Sara.. nindot jud ang tela... daw be kinsa kaha ang kaslon nga akong kaila nga indian

    PS.. two weeks ago pa tung picture oi.. diha ra to sa sunset beach nagbirthday ang cousin ni John nagovernight sila nagtent.. niapas ra mi.. heheh :)


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