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Online Fashion Resources Every Girl Should Know About

Online shopping is giving consumers more power to search around for the best bargain. Perhaps there is too much choice available now. It’s hard to tell which sites can be trusted for quality/value for money. The following article lists the fashion resources that every girl needs to know. Go visit these sites and save them into your favourites, you’ll be visiting them again.


This business has been around since 1964 and has established an extremely loyal following, no surprise there. They only sell quality designs that meet the expectation of the reputation. They stock a variety of brands. They want to be able to cater for every situation, specialising in women clothing, footwear and accessories. They have all the elements to make the perfect outfit. You’ll find yourself spending hours on end looking at all the goodies Topshop has to offer. They want to take inspiration from the fashion runways and make it available to you.


Have you seen this online shop? It is amazing, it’s full of beautiful designs. It was only founded in 2002. It was started by high school sweethearts that were only 17 at the time. They knew there was a demand for retro and vintage clothing that was not being met by the online world. They launch new items every day, a reason to keep going back for more. They also have the option to view items by price, making it that much easier to pick up a bargain.

General Pants Co. has been set up to make you feel as if you are in the store. They are all about providing alternative clothing pieces to those of us that live outside of the box. The prices are affordable too, giving your bank account a rest. There a variety of brands available but my favourite feature of the site is the Lookbook. It’s a great way to find out what’s trending and also a great way to buy a specific outfit.


If you haven’t at least heard of ASOS I have to wonder if you are living under a rock. It’s probably one of the biggest online stores, definitely one of the most popular. It’s a male and female site and I can express enough how many brands are available on here. You could spend a whole day on this site and still not see everything. The best feature of this online site is that they have their own label available. They label provides all the trends at ridiculously low prices. The second best feature is the fact they always have a discount bin, it doesn’t matter when you go online because you will always find a bargain. I challenge you to not find something that you love. Get shopping. It’s as simple as checking these recommended sites out. There are so many options available out there so it’s time to take advantage of this fact.

Nicole loves sitting down with her ipad after a long day at work and getting stuck into some serious online shopping. She wanted to share her favourite online shopping resources with the world and put this list together for anyone who's seriously into fashion. 


  1. aahh i love online shopping. very convenient and affordable if you know how to find the great deals and bargains. :)

  2. I'm not really into fashion trends but I enjoy looking those gals who loves fashion and looks good to them

  3. I am only familiar with Topshop! The world of fashion these days has indeed evolved because lots of information and resources that we may need can already be found online. I remember before, print magazines were my only source of fashion resources. :D

  4. I only know ModCloth from the list above, haven't shopped to any of them..

  5. I know Topshop and Asos. But honestly, I haven't bought a sigle item from them. I read a lot about these brands in magazines.

  6. I'm also into online shopping and i really need to have control in opening their pages lest id give in to my impulsive self. Girls will be girls!


  7. bnoted, share ko sa daughter kong si McDo.

  8. One popular brand in this post Teh is Topshop. As to the rest, it's my first time to have heard of them.

    Like most women out there, thyself is a certified fashion freak. LOL! Who wouldn't get hooked to online shopping when most of the things you need are staring right before your very eyes? I could hardly resist all the pretty finds. Heck! I better start working harder on my blogs to have more moolah for shopping spree. Hahaha!

  9. i only know Topshop but the rest, i have no i living under the rock now?! hehehe! anyway, thanks for sharing other online shop, i will check them out soon! :)


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