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A Dream To Meet Liberty

There are lots of national monuments that I would like to visit and take pictures of. I get really excited if I could visit places that have significance in the history of mankind. There is a feeling of being transported to a different time, in the period where heroes exist and men fight for freedom and die for peace.

I have visited a lot of historic places in the country but if given a chance to take a trip in other countries, I would definitely mark the Statue of Liberty as number one must- see place on my list. The statue of a robed woman holding a torch is already freedom in its utmost expression. I was pleased to learn that there is a statue of liberty tours offered that will allow visitors to take a closer look of the monument from different angles.

The tour I believe is already a treasure as it allows tourists to learn the history of the statue, its major significance to the history of the United States and the lasting symbolism of hope, peace and freedom it conveys to Americans and immigrants alike. A visit to this well- known monument is an experience I can definitely share to my family and friends.

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