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Godiva Natural Skin Care Giveaway

Do you have that White Skin That Lasts? 

Join the giveaway and get the chance to have a first hand experience of having that white skin that lasts.

I bet most Filipinas like me dreamed of having a smooth, silky white skin but the challenge is finding the whitening products that could give a long lasting effect on the skin. Most of the whitening products in the market today does not last that long especially when don’t use it anymore.

Well, that is not going to be the problem now that Godiva Natural Skincare Products is here to provide us with us with products that would finally give us that white skin that lasts.

The NEW Godiva Natural Skincare products is back with a better formula, a new packaging and with a more promising results that have been proven by many of its users. Godiva has Licorice, an extraordinary ingredient that has been used as an herb for many years. Licorice root extract is universally recognized as the most potent naturally-derived whitening ingredient.

To give everyone an equal opportunity to experience that white skin that lasts, Health and Beauty Quest will be giving away two sets of Godiva Natural Skin Care products to two lucky visitors. Join the giveaway below and be one of the lucky winners to own this skincare set from Godiva.

This giveaway will run from February 19 - March 06, 2013. Open to all Philippine residents and to those who are outside the Philippines but has a valid Philippine address.

Disclosure: The products to be given away are sponsored by Govida. The Woman In Me is not responsible for the shipment of products to the winners.


  1. I am 36 years old and I would love to have a fair/whiter skin so I look younger than my age. Pal Raine email:

  2. Maria Fe Lanie Pregoner

    Having a fair skin has been my long time wish. I've used a lot of whitening products but it didn't gave that fair skin that I so badly wanted. I really hope I win your giveaway! :)

  3. I would love Godiva make my skin whiter and healthier. Can't wait to share this to all of my friends!

  4. I want a white skin that lasts because it will boost my self confidence and my self-esteem, having a white skin can show off your smooth white skin, you're confident to wear any clothes and bikinis too. :D

    Marissa Lugtu

  5. Achieving that much coveted white skin that lasts will surely help boost my confidence.

    Michelle Ame

  6. I'm a guy but a guy can be as vain as (or be more vain than) any girl. Some guys like to take care of their skin, too!

    Dennis Li

    -= =-

  7. Jhoanne baltonado

    I want the skin that last because many products do have bogus advertising and i want to experience and have fair and beautiful skin

  8. jhoanne baltonado

    I want to have fair,glowing and beautiful skin that makes me and my husband happy...

  9. wanna try this one if this takes away blemishes too :)

    Claire Newsom

  10. I want a white skin that lasts because it makes me feel presentable, pleasant-looking, beautiful & confident! ^_^

    Ruth Santiago


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