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Tobacco in Hookah is Enjoyable and Fun

Tobacco used in hookahs is very much different from the ones that you use in cigarettes or cigars. The one used in hookah is a damp blend version. It is called tobamel or massamel in the conventional terms. This is made from the fresh leaves of the tobacco plant and mixed with molasses, fruit pulp, and honey or semi dried fruit. There are many smokers who even add the juice of the pomegranate to it so as to enhance the flavor of the smoke and also the smell. Even rose oil is added to the water for the enhancement of the smell and flavor of the hookah. With the passing of time, fruit extracts began to be gradually been added to the tobacco in the hookah. It was not until in the 1980’s that tobacconist began to experiment with the different flavors so that an aromatic variety of tobacco was available for the smokers.

Many hookah smokers usually prefer the strong Turkish tobacco. There are many individuals who take pleasure smoking the flavored tobaccos which is also called shisha. Shisha is a dark and wet kind of mixture. It is available in a number of flavors which range from apple, apricot, cherry, watermelon, vanilla, rose, jasmine, honey, licorice and many others. Exotic flavors are also available for the shisha like lemon cola, apple mint, cappuccino and many others for catering to the wide tastes of the customers.

The price range of the packaged tobacco can range from a sum of four dollars to a sum of seventeen dollars. This depends wholly on the quality of the flavors that the person is selecting. The more high quality of the flavor, the more costly is the price of the packet. The variety of packs in multiple flavors is available at a price of thirty dollars. The variety flavors of the hookah are available in hookah lounges. The price ranges from four dollars to nine dollars for the custom blends type or for the slower burning of the leaf types.

 The tobacco used in the hookah is of the wet kind. Therefore it must be smoked with the help of a hookah charcoal. It is not lit directly. The tobacco in the hookah is heated separately and then it is placed in the wire mesh above the damp mixture in the hookah. This helps the wet mixture to last for a long time and people can enjoy themselves by smoking it. In the earlier times, there were rules which had to be followed while lighting the hookah. This had to be followed so that the hookah could be lit properly.

The tobacco used in the hookah contains thirty percent tobacco and the remaining seventy percent consists of flavored honey or molasses. The nicotine content is also less and there is no tar in this product. Since the tobacco is heated and not burnt, the amount of carcinogens is far less as compared to any other kinds of smoking.

Therefore tobacco consumption in hookah is far safer and also provides multiple flavors for the customers.

This is a guest post written by Kishna Gaskarth. She is a regular writer and she writes freely on any topic. She has done a thorough research on Safer Smoking while writing this post.

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