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Four Gorgeous Pairs

A friend of mine was cleaning up her closet because they will be moving to a new house soon and I am one lucky lady to be given these four gorgeous pairs of footwear. These are hand-me-down shoes and sandals by a truly generous friends. Actually, cleaning up her closet or not, I am always a beneficiary of this friend of mine from shoes, blouses, etc. 

I am not really familiar with the brands of the shoes but it reads Tommy Hilfiger and Clarks. I would assume that these brands are pricey knowing my friend's taste and preference. The Black Tommy Hilfiger and the Clarks Light Red wedges are my favorite since it compliments my kind of fashion (I wish I have). The Brown Clarks close shoes are usually worn with a slacks or a skirt during Sundays.

These shoes looks like brand new when given to me and I bet Sis G only wore them several times only knowing how wide her shoe collections are. Thank you very much Sis for being so kind and generous. I so love,love,love these pairs. 

Oh, by the way, I wouldn't mind if you make my house a warehouse of the stuff you can't bring into your new house. LOL


  1. YAY! Lucky you, Rovz! Those are signature shoes. Kindly introduce me to your generous pal. Who knows? I'd be one of the lucky recipients, too. LOL!

  2. I agree Rovs! Those are really gorgeous pairs. Lucky you... Missing u.

  3. Congrats sa mga signature hand-me-down shoes, Rovs. Like ko yung red ;) Very comfy ang Clarks - di sasakit ang paa mo diyan, and matibay pa. Gusto namin namimili ng Clarks ni Vince sa outlet kasi laki natitipid namin pag sa outlet kesa sa regular mall :D


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