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Calendar of Activities for Kadayawan 2012

Yey,It's August and Kadayawan Spirit is so in the air. To officially start the Kadayawan Celebration, last August 03,2012, a kick off Ceremony was held at the People's Park here in Davao City.

Kadayawan is considered to be the King of Festivals and its popularity encourages more tourists to come and witness the showcase of Davao's rich culture and heritage.

To those who plan to visit Davao this coming Kadayawan Festival, here's the Calendar of Activities for you to make the most of  your Kadayawan Experience. Enjoy Kadayawan!
Kadayawan Festival 2012 Calendar of Activities


  1. It's also like this in Sinulog. There are certain events a week or two prior to it and competitions in between it before the Grand Parade will commence.

  2. yay! sounds like a fun filled of activities Momi Rovie :-) hope that you and your family will have a wonderful event to enjoy :-)

  3. How I wish I could visit the Kadayawan Festival..

  4. whew! that's a busy schedule right there, which only means there will be more fun and colorful sights to see. parade and stuff like that. I miss it though, we rarely have that here in America and when they do, we dont get to see it because of our conflict schedules.

  5. oh i miss davao! it feels like 48 years since i d been home. i wish to atten this event. our school PWC used to join indak indak sa kadalanan and had been championed until the street children joined. of course they are street children so they let them win. afterward our school never joined this contest anymore.

  6. Hello Rovs,
    Manglaag jud and mga bloggers ani.. rain or shine.. hahah :) see you around pretty mommy :) hugs to Bella :) thanks for the laag.

  7. woi, kadayawan napod....kalingaw ani...kuyog ko indak pod!


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