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Stylish Wedding Gifts for Men

As one of the most anticipated days of my life, my son's wedding is surely going to be an event that all the family will remember fondly. He is the eldest of my three boys and will be the first to tie the knot. My husband has already contributed a generous sum towards the budget as a wedding gift but it would be nice if I were able to make a personal contribution. 

Luxury menswear is something of a specialist subject of mine and I never hesitate to invest in a fine garment or two for the men in my family during my regular shopping trips to London. I do like to consider myself very fashionable and up to date with the latest trends and styles. Some outfits and accessories, however, never go out of fashion – they aren't called classic looks for no reason – and this cannot be more appropriate for a traditional wedding. 

My sons, husband and the best man have naturally got their suits already but having seen them in the flesh during rehearsals I knew I could add a few finishing touches. One of my gifts to them was matching sets of designer cufflinks from Crombie. Cufflinks make a strong statement about an outfit without attracting too much attention – subtle yet stylish, as a gentleman should be. The pair I chose were made in England and are of the finest hallmarked sterling silver – a timeless design that can be worn with most formal suits. 

In the same retailer, I happened to come across the most exquisite bow ties that I felt it would also go perfectly well with the boys' suits. Made entirely of silk and designed in a traditional shape they are versatile enough for most events – so I'm sure they will be used again at the next wedding. I think for the first time I have spent more time on other people's outfits than my own! But I am glad that I opted for the lavish accessories and can't wait to see my men looking sharp and handsome on the big day. 

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  1. wow, nothing could have been more perfect than those presents.

    good luck to ur son.


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