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Davao Life is Here: Exploring the Trails of the South

The Davao City Tourism Operations Office together with the Davao Bloggers and SMART Communications have organized a Familiarization Tour to 28 tourist destinations around the city last July 14, 2012. Participants were divided into four groups to have a first-hand experience with the different attractions of the city.

Our team, Toril Trailbalzers was assigned to explore the trails of the South particularly the Toril area. Part of our itinerary is the Villa Carmelita Inland Resort and Hotel, Eden Nature Park and Resort, Loleng's Spring Resort and a side trip to Sto. Rosario Parish Church.

Our first stop was at the  Villa Carmelita Resort Inland Resort and Hotel.

Hotel and  Infinity Pool View
Kids and Adult Swimming Pool
One of the hotel rooms
Villa Carmelita Inland Resort and Hotel is a 30-minute drive from the city proper and situated along Toril National Highway. Amenities include infinity, adult and kiddie pools. They also have slides that will surely make the experience fun and exciting especially for the kids. The entrance fees are 100 pesos for adults and 80 pesos for kids aging 2-10 years old  respectively.

Villa Carmelita Inland Resort and Hotel
Km. 14, McArthur Highway, Toril, Davao City
Tel. Nos. : (082) 295 2688 ; (082) 286 1726


After a refreshing snack at Villa Carmelita, we headed to our next destination which is the Eden Nature Park and Resort. The place is known as a man-made mountain resort as it has maintained the beauty of nature despite the development done with the area.

There can be a lot of activities that you can do at Eden. By foot or using the resort's shuttle, you can tour around the place and be one with nature. As family, you can enjoy  swimming, hiking, fishing, the zip line ride  and the very popular Indiana Jones. :)

Enjoying the Indiana Jones like kids...
way to the restaurant area...
I have been in this place many times before to attend meetings and seminars but this trip was  different as it was just pure fun and excitement together with my fellow bloggers. After the tour, we were treated to a bountiful lunch buffet wherein we were served  with fresh and delicious food. Freshly picked organic vegetables were also present in our meal since they grow it in the area. 

Eden Nature Park and Resort
Bayabas, Toril,  Davao City
Sales Office: Matina Town Square, McArthur Highway,
Matina, Davao City
Tel. Nos.: (082) 296 0791; (082) 299 1020
Mobile Number: +639189307590


And again, after partaking a delightful meal we then proceeded to Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort which also in the same area. The place took pride in offering nature at its best considering the combined charm of the mountain trails, the beautiful view and the cold weather. In fact, the visit made me feel like I am  close to heaven as we caught the fog while enjoying the scenery.

Overlooking Davao City, Davao Gulf  and Samal Island...
Loleng's Guest House...
the pool area...

Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort
Bayabas, Toril, Davao City
Tel. Nos.: 301 0001 (Maia's Cafe)
Reservations: (082) 221 1099


Our group's last stop is a side trip around the Toril Proper and Sto. Rosario Parish. The church looked differently from the last time I was there. The  church is special to me since Bren and I used to go there when we were still sweethearts years and years ago. A blogger groupmate even told us that this church is currently the biggest in the city after its recent construction.

For the first time in my life as a mom, I have literally sacrificed not seeing my baby for the whole day just to attend this event. And, I can say that it was all worth it. The tour indeed was a breath of fresh air for me and a break I truly deserve. I have learned a lot from the experience aside from the fact that it has made me feel young again mingling with the young bloggers in the group.

Group picture at Eden...
I would like to thank the City Tourism Operations Office,  SMART Communications  and Davao Bloggers for making this event possible. Special thanks also goes to my beloved and understanding husband who is always there to support me in all my endeavors. :) Thank you very much!

Come, Visit and Enjoy Davao. Indeed, Life is Here!

Photo Credits: Jaycee Santiago and Raine of  Kulay Project.


  1. Whoa! :) Davao has a lot to offer talaga! ♥

    I enjoyed the photos Ate!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Marie. Pasyal ka dito sa Davao :)

  2. Wow i never been in Davao and it looks pretty....Happy WW!

    1. Thanks for dropping sis. Pasyal ka dito! :)

  3. I haven't been to Davao but heard a lot of beautiful places there to visit, hopefully someday :)

    1. Yes sis, someday! Thanks for dropping by...

  4. Hello Rovie, I hope I can visit Davao again :) I lived there for 6 months in 2007 :) Thanks for an informative post :)

  5. Maganda nga sa davao.. the last time i stop by in Davao going to general santos, i enjoy buying shoes at SM Davao...

  6. I visited Loleng's last weekend. I really enjoyed the doves. But the swimming pool was too cold for me... =)

  7. muadto unya mi diha anang naay doves ba, nindot kaayo pagcapture sa mga naglupad.

  8. What a nice rest you had. Happy Blue Monday, Rovie.

  9. Wow, rovs!! I have never been to all the pl you have mentioned. Hope we could go there on our next BB EB! :) here for TT.. hope you could visit my entry at

  10. Thanks for taking me to a trip to Davao!

  11. I have not been to Davao but I hope to visit it someday. Your photos are beautiful.

    My Blue.

  12. Magnificient! I so love the POOL!!!

    Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by.

  13. all pix were great, but I espec. liked the Loleng Mtn. Spring resort....what a wonderful idea to get to know your own town....

  14. Hi Rovs.. thanks for the comment.. sorry late laag :)

    I miss eden and lolengs... ako absent sa tour.. hahhaa.. next event nalang siguro :)

  15. wow! im from Davao but Ive never been to any of these places. wahh.. its been awhile since i went home. so many things have change. basig pag uli nako dira, masalaag na ko. hehe basta dili lang nila gi balhin ang toril ba. lol

    from Blue Monday

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  18. what a beautiful Davao is Momi Rovie :-) never been there :-) hopefully someday :-) love the towels in the hotel, so stylish and beautiful pictures too :-) Dropping by from last weeks Wednesday Whites.

  19. I missed my hometown so much. It is one of the fastest growing city in the Philippines and I am looking forward to going back home again for a nice long holiday.

  20. I miss our hometown. Looking forward to go back home real soon. Good post about Davao ter!

  21. oh, wish we also have bloggers meeting like this where we tour the city :) am so glad the tourism in our country ( i saw a friend of mine who blogs from bacolod had similar post about our negros with other bloggers and they were treated with so much food, haha) is acknowledging the power of blogging in spreading the happiness around. great post, Rovs, and you very well deserve the break.

  22. sos, hastang lami-a kau sa place...wish to go there someday!


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