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Hubby's New Working Shoes


 Size: 10
Design: High Cut Boots
Made of: Leather and Steel
Brand: Krushers

This is hubby's newest addition to the piles of his  working shoes. He tends to buy shoes like this because he is working in a beverage manufacturing plant. They are required to wear shoes with steel toes for safety reasons. I find the design a bit hard-featured  but Bren is very comfortable with it.

Even with this new shoes, he is still in  search of a new one again. If any of of you has an information where to get the cheapest brand new or second hand steel toe shoes, please let me know. Lol.:-)


  1. Ganda ng steel toes na 'to ;) Mabigat 'tong mga ganito pero protective talaga. Good choice, Bren!

    Here for MYM, Rovz :)

  2. cool murag military po :) comfy jud kaayo ni sa feet ay promise :)

  3. astiga kau ug shoes ba...murag hadlok ko matumban ana nga shoes...ehehhee...gahi kau ug lapa-lapa...similar sa boots ni hubby sa military...unsa day work ni hubby nimo mami?

  4. I like these shoes Ate Rovs. Naalala ko kasi ung highschool pa kami. These are the kinds of shoes that my kuyas wear during our CAT training at school. Super naging macho at manly sila tignan dahil sa shoes na yan. Lalo na ung kuya kong officer non. Napapahanga talaga ko. Kaya nga ba may self treatment sakin non eh. Pano, nasa least batallion ako. hahaha.

    At secondly, napakatibay ng shoes na yan talaga. Good choice Kuya Bren!!

    Coming here from Happiness is,

    Mine is up here:

  5. That's a big size.. Cool kasi steel toe:)

    Visiting and joining happiness for the first time- hope you can stop by:)

  6. beautiful working boots :-) love it Sis :-) Visiting from Happiness Is...hope that you can return your happy visit too.

  7. Nice boots! Mukhang ang tibay ng shoes na yan ah!

  8. hmmmmmmmm pretty and looking comfy.

  9. mukhang matibay, dropping for happiness is, see you at

  10. Nagbalik na dito for Happiness Is. Musta ka na, Rovz?

  11. haha :) nakakarelate ako Sis :) am wearing safety shoes din dito sa company ko everytime may inventory ako sa manufacturing area. Kasi talaga comportable sya at safe talagang gamitin.

    >> so far, wala akong alam na murang safety shoes. kasi ang mga ganitong shoes eh talagang mahal :)

    1. >> nalate ng dalaw from happiness is :)

  12. Come and join me . Scarlet Wednesday is now open... see you there!

  13. ah, this brings me back to my childhood days when my father and all the men in our community wears safety shoes due to their work in the minesite. thanks for sharing, rovie!

    Sorry for the late visit,sis!

  14. sus, mura sad ni combat boots bitaw...lig-on kaayo ang hitsura..hehe. agi ko Rovz.


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