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From Cambodia With Love

One of the greatest things about  blogging and the blogosphere  is meeting true and generous blogpals like Krizza.  I was so surprised when she sent a package to Algene during her  vacation here in the Philippines last December. In that package, she included  some  precious gifts for me from Cambodia. Algene  even made a blog post about it expressing how grateful she was for Krizza's generosity.  

Just like her, I am so touched and delighted to see what she sent me. It was really unexpected and I am truly happy about it. 

sorry for the pic..a bit blurry...

The coin purse is just so perfect since I have been planning to change my old one while the nail cutter key chain was used by Bren for his car key and  I am planning to keep the other cute key chain  until Bella is old enough to use it. Lol... I instantly fell  in love with this pink shawl =)
Thank you so much Sis Krizza for your thoughtfulness and generosity. You have  indeed proven  that friendship in the blogosphere is real and  beyond distance no matter how far it may seem. Thank you very very much from the bottom of my heart. Hugs!

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  1. aylayk!!! katuwa naman talaga ang thoughtfulness ni krizza :)

    uy rovz, alam mo, ang lakas ng kutob ko, ikaw na naman ang Happy Blogger this week. haha!

    1. Hahaha! Salamat sa FC sis...

      Sana nga ako na naman para dagdag exposure for this new blog kahit nakakahiya na pero nakaka-proud kaya ang mapili na Happy Blogger! LOL!

    2. Rovs, di makapag comment kaya sa reply box na lang ni KM. My goodness, sobrang papuri naman tong post na to Rovs. Parang di ko naman deserve yung ganito. Hahaha. Nalunod ako sa linky love ah. Anyway, thanks a lot for those kind words. :) You're welcome.

    3. Sobrang deserve mo naman sis... Yan na nga lang ang pambawi ko eh... Hehehe

  2. How thoughtful and nice, beautiful remembrance! Thanks for joining Color Connection!

  3. Waaah kainggit naman but I'm super duper happy sa friendship na yan and that's very true talaga, it's beyond distance!

    Just hopping from busy life. Super pagod kami ni Hubby. Tomorrow biyahe ulit pa-Manila.

  4. what a beautiful goodies from Cambodia Sis:-) Visiting from Color Connection.

  5. What a sweet gesture! Ang thoughtful ni Krizza! You're indeed one lucky recipient, Rovz.

    Parang magkakatotoo ata ang sapantaha ni KM neto, Rovz. Ambunan mo naman kami ng suerte, hahahaha!

  6. its is surely a happiness recieving stuff from friends online, visiting for happiness is, mine is up at
    see you!!

  7. lovely gifts, late visit for happiness is, please drop by at

  8. beautiful goodies from Cambodia :-) very sweet...Visiting from Happiness is...hope that you can return the visit too.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. In fairness, inggit mode akes. haha. But im very happy for you ate rovs. Very good friends kayong lahat for me!

    By the way, i made the changes na in this blog. Di ko lang malaman talaga what happened sa malaking space na yan. I think it only appears with the latest post.

    Sorry about the deleted comment. That was me, naforget kong gamit ko pa din account mo while posting the above comment nung fix ko blog mo. hihi. Sorry po.

  11. So sweet naman of Krizza!! It's nice to hear friendships budding from blogging. Visiting from PF :)

  12. lucky u! those are beautiful!

    happy pink!

  13. I love that pink shawl! That is so wow!!! :) Lucky friend you are and blessed too! :)

    Visiting for PF here!

    Gift Set
    For Him and Her
    Pink Blooms '10

  14. Visiting back this time from Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the visit too.


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