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Ski on a Budget: Tips for the Frugal Spender

Are you looking for a skiing holiday this winter? Perhaps a last minute pre-Christmas treat or something later in the season? Ski and snowboard holidays don’t have to cost a fortune and there are plenty of corners you can cut to ensure that expense stays low.

When it comes to frugality, short haul cheap European ski holidays are the best way forward and there are several hints and tips that can help you save your well earned pennies.

The Resort 
The cost of your mountain escape will understandably vary greatly between resorts. If you want to stay in a main resort but don’t really want to pay the price tag, choose a satellite resort instead. Within close proximity of the main resort, you will find that these smaller satellite areas will be much cheaper. Perhaps you want to sample the pistes of the Three Valleys? You can, cheaply, by staying in the neighbouring St-Martin-de-Belleville.


A Vacation To Remember

   If you are going to have some free time coming up, you may want to go to a beautiful location. If you have made the decision to do this, you should do some research to make sure that you get the most for your money. There are so many places to choose from. While this decision may seem to be a bit overwhelming, you will be able to find the perfect location if your are willing to put in enough time. Here are some very helpful tips that will allow you to enjoy a vacation to remember.

1. What type of climate are you interested in?

While many people like to take a vacation in a warm climate, some places are too hot for some people. This is why you should look online to see what the temperature is going to be in any location you are thinking about visiting. There are also cities that are cold for a large portion of the year. While you may be interested in visiting cities like London, Glasgow and Dublin, all of these have their share of cold weather. Depending on the time of year you plan on visiting, you may need to bring some warm clothing. 

2. What is your budget?

There are many things you will need to pay for while you are on a vacation. Airfare, hotel, transportation and food are all things you will need to figure into your budget. Determine how much you can spend and look online to see if you can find deals that fit within your financial limit. Remember to also make sure to bring some extra cash to use in the event of an emergency.


Why pick Canada for your overseas working holiday?

 If you’re looking to take a gap year, you may find that the research required beforehand can be overwhelming. After hours of reading I finally became ruthless, wrote off many of the possibilities and ended up going to Canada for the best year of my life.

Different programmes available
A number of European countries offer Australians the chance to work abroad for a year. The UK is the most popular, with bars around London employing many an Aussie, but there’s no reason why you can’t try Denmark, Germany or Ireland. When my British visa came to an end, I thought it would be great to hop on to the next country but, the Netherlands aside, pretty much everywhere in Europe requires you to return to Australia to apply.


What You Need to Know About Going on a Southern Caribbean Cruise

While many Western and Eastern Caribbean destinations have become so popular with cruise liners as to have lost much of their sense of magic and mystique, the Southern Caribbean maintains that feeling of the unknown that many travellers look for when heading for foreign shores. Many Southern Caribbean islands have an almost eerie feeling of stepping into times past and the colonial history of the islands is evident in the fascinating mix of high teas, cricket games and steel drum bands. If you are looking for a cruise destination that is far from ordinary, the Southern Caribbean could well be the destination for you. Look online for cruise deals to get the best price before you embark on your trip!

Unlike many other destinations in the Caribbean, English is not widely spoken in many of the islands, so if language barriers concern you, it may not be the best option for your cruise. If, however, you want to be fully immersed in a fascinating culture complete with sugar mills, jungle and stunning flora and fauna, this is the place.

Cruising in the Southern Caribbean

The Southern Caribbean is a little more off the established cruise trail than many other Caribbean hotspots, but there is certainly no shortage of cruise operators running trips out here. As it takes a considerable amount of time to arrive in the Caribbean from the UK and Europe, the best bet is to fly to Barbados, or to San Juan in Puerto Rico and board your Southern Caribbean cruise from these stopover points. Cruises around the Southern Caribbean may be anything from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the amount of time you are able to set aside for your holiday. There is certainly plenty to see and do here and with an incredibly varied natural landscape there is little question of becoming bored.

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